SW-MOTECH ツーリング用ボックス SysBag 15/15/15セット -ブラック/アンスラサイト-(ラッシングストラップ付属)|BC.SYS.00.002.15300 SWモテック トップケース・リアボックス
SW-MOTECH ツーリング用ボックス SysBag 15/15/15セット -ブラック/アンスラサイト-(ラッシングストラップ付属)|BC.SYS.00.002.15300 SWモテック トップケース・リアボックス
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●メーカー名:SWモテック / SW-MOTECH(エスダブリューモテック)
●商品名:SysBag 15/15/15セット -ブラック/アンスラサイト-(ラッシングストラップ付属)|BC.SYS.00.002.15300



SysBag 15/15/15 set-all good things come in threesThe composition of this set is perfectly suited to the tail shape and exhaust height of the motorcycle and contains three SysBags:one SysBag 15 for the left side,one SysBag 15 for the center,and one SysBag 15 for the right side.For lashing them onto the motorcycle,you wont need anything but the loop straps provided.Size and shape of the SysBag 15 are optimized in order for it to be tied down to the motorbike tail and combined with two other bags(SysBag 10 and/or SysBag 15)if necessary.Integrated strap with SysBag hooks and color-coded loops make this childs play.At SW-MOTECH,we have motorcyclists at work in product development who know what you need for everyday riding.Thus our SysBags unite light weight with robustness,versatility and well thought out details.All SysBags are made of particularly robust ballistic nylon,tested by the military,have a roll closure and an overlapping lid.Double PU lining provides additional weather protection,as well as a removable,waterproof inner bag,which is attached by Velcro? to the roll closure.Reflective details ensure more safety in street traffic and after your tour,the SysBags can be carried comfortably with the integrated carrying handle or the included shoulder strap.Features of the SysBags 10 and 15Robust and versatile soft luggage for all kinds of adventuresUsed as a side bag or tail bag,SysBag 15 makes up the foundation when combined with other SysBagsCan be lashed to the bikes tail end with the loop straps providedIntegrated straps with SysBag hooks and loops make it possible to combine SysBag 10 and SysBag 15Back that is gentle on paintwork with anti-slip coatingReinforced elements prevent flapping at high speedsOverlapping cover with mesh compartment insideWaterproof:The removable,waterproof inner bag can be fastened to the roll closureIntegrated carrying handle,shoulder strap included in deliveryWhen using the bag without adapter plates,rubber stopper on the eyelets protect the paintReflective details for more safety in trafficFunction elements color codedMade of robust ballistic nylon,with double PU interior coating for better weather protectionWith the adapter plate(available separately),the SysBag 15 can be attached to the SLC and PRO side carriers,as well as the STREET-RACK,ADVENTURE-PACK or STEEL-RACK racks with one movement thanks to the quick-release fastenerWe also offer an adapter plate for the SysBag 10 that you can use to attach the bags onto the SLC side carrierDetails of the SysBag 15Material:1680D Ballistic Nylon/420D RipstopColor:Black/AnthraciteWeight:0.9 kgSize:32.5 x 15,5 x 36.5 cmVolume:15 lNoteStill have questions about assembly? Refer to the instructions for further details.Included in delivery3 SysBag 15 bags3 x 4 loop straps with SysBag hooks3 shoulder straps3 waterproof inner bags3 x 2 rubber plugs for the eyelets on the back side of the bag3 x 2 license plate straps3 adhesive protective foilsMounting instructions



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SW-MOTECH ツーリング用ボックス SysBag 15/15/15セット -ブラック/アンスラサイト-(ラッシングストラップ付属)|BC.SYS.00.002.15300 SWモテック トップケース・リアボックス




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SW-MOTECH ツーリング用ボックス SysBag 15/15/15セット -ブラック/アンスラサイト-(ラッシングストラップ付属)|BC.SYS.00.002.15300 SWモテック トップケース・リアボックス


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SW-MOTECH ツーリング用ボックス SysBag 15/15/15セット -ブラック/アンスラサイト-(ラッシングストラップ付属)|BC.SYS.00.002.15300 SWモテック トップケース・リアボックス







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