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EvalTools® Survey is a comprehensive and easy-to-use survey creation and management toolset. It can generate surveys for use in a classroom environment or non-classroom environment.

About EvalTools

For a classroom environment survey such as the Course-Exit Survey, the users are the students in the class. As a result, the database for a classroom environment survey is usually populated with the assistance of your system administrator. However, the survey participants for a non-classroom environment such as the senior-exit survey, for example, are not necessary from any class roster. Hence, you will need to define or create your own users or survey participants. In either case, the survey creation process is entirely and easily customizable. EvalTools® Survey comes with the following types of questionnaires:

 EvalTools® Survey comes with the following types of questionnaires:

With these combinations of available types of questionnaires, you can effectively create any survey you wish. In addition, EvalTools® Survey provides longitudinal data analysis capability if you deploy the same survey for multiple cycles. The following two tables depict the general roles based features available when a survey is created.

EvalTools® Survey includes pre-defined templates for both categories of surveys. Regardless of how you intend to deploy your surveys for a specific study or a campus-wide survey to replace the traditional paper survey, we have the solution for you.


Assessment Instruments for the Non-Classroom Environment

In this category, there are three main types of surveys:


Assessment Instruments for the Classroom Environment

In this category, there are two main surveys:

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