Self-Study - The Toolset

Middle-States Commission on Higher Education provides a vast amount of information and resources to assist your institution in seeking a new accreditation or getting a re-accreditation.


Two reference materials are particularly useful:

  • Self-Study: Creating a Useful Process and Report
  • Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education. Be very familiar with these two handbooks will help tremendously in preparation for the visit.

As with any other accreditation, there are guidelines and suggestions for preparation. But you will need to define or figure out "how to" in getting everything together for the self-study report. Accreditation such as ABET is tedious and time-consuming. An institution-wide accreditation such as the Middle States is even more of an issue. Without a toolset, the process and time spent in preparing and tracking material needed for accreditation are often challenging and difficult. In addition, the frustration of managing a large staff, faculty, students, and board members involved in the process of self-study preparation is significant.

EvalTools® Self-Study provides a clear and simple framework for setting up a self-study process in seven steps

About EvalTools
Self Study

EvalTools® Survey includes pre-defined templates for both categories of surveys. Regardless of how you intend to deploy your surveys for a specific study or a campus-wide survey to replace the traditional paper survey, EvalTools® is the solution for you.

Better yet, EvalTools® Self-Study provides a framework to control the information flow from working groups to steering committee and eventually to the final report. The following figure depicts how EvalTools® deals with the self-study process.

Regardless of how your institution assigns the standards for each working group, EvalTools® organizes the research questions as Level 1 components and their associated sub-questions or characteristics elements to be studied as Level 2 components.

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