EvalTools IIS - LMS

EvalTools® Instructional Improvement System (IIS) is not a traditional Learning Management System (LMS). EvalTools® IIS provides all the essential elements to manage day-to-day classroom activities.

Planning -Teaching - Assessment

EvalTools® LMS centers around the planning-teaching-assessment cycle for any given course. EvalTools® embeds assessment in teaching and learning activities right from the beginning. Some features pertaining to planning-teaching-assessment are highlighted as follows

Learning Plan

EvalTools® provides consistent interfaces to capture the learning plan and activities for the semester. More than a class syllabus, the learning plan also allows you to enter course outcomes and assessment anchors as well as typical information such as course descriptions, course outlines, textbooks, grading policies, etc. Material entered here is available to students, teachers, principals or the curriculum director to review throughout the semester. Additionally, course outcomes entered here will be used across all the modules for outcomes assessment.

Faculty Course Assessment Report

FCAR is a unique feature of EvalTools®. The FCAR gives you a chance to look at your teaching at the end of the semester to evaluate performance.

With the FCAR you can review action items that pertained to your course for closure and/or write a brief "reflection" of your course. More importantly, the FCAR compiles performance vectors for your key assignments. The performance vectors are color-coded to give you a direct visual impression of how well you have delivered each topic in the course (summative assessment). You could even review and analyze the performance vectors during teaching to get just-in-time feedback from the class to help improve teaching (formative assessment).


Lessons module is where detailed lectures, planned activities, and course material are stored.

The EvalTools® assignment module differs from other LMS assignment modules in its ability to define key assignments that can be tracked to meet course outcomes. Graded key assignments are further processed to compute the necessary performance vector to gauge the level of success in meeting course outcomes or even to gauge the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process. This particular module is central to the functionality of the EvalTools® outcomes assessment system.

EvalTools® automatically composes "key assignments" as part of the objective evidence for direct assessment and the course-exit survey (end-of-semester survey) results as the indirect assessment objective evidence. It even keeps FCAR and the course syllabus in a centralized location as your course portfolio so that you can focus on teaching and less on the mandate to produce a course portfolio to support your course assessment activities.

Other classroom management features:

Other standard features such as class mail, gradebook, attendance sheet, etc. to facilitate day-to-day classroom activities are also included.

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