Texting Ladies

The contemporary Booty label Goes Down

Most of us have had gotten that pal whom cannot place his telephone down at club. The guy that is had gotten eight text talks with women taking place immediately. You’re wanting to collect brand new girls, and then heis just wanting to nail on the people he’s currently got. You are not amazed. He’s becoming a sh*tty wingman. But you’ll give it to him — the text-message-to-bedroom method occasionally operates. Often it does not. Occasionally obtain power down. And sometimes your ex you are talking to provides it in a completely different way. Nonetheless it takes way less undertaking than wanting to pick up in the bar.

We are searching for some real text-message exchanges that skate around a dating or gender problem. The people you may have at 2 a.m. that focus on, “Hey :)” and in some way end up garnering a response from woman on the other hand — whether good or bad.

Listed below are some examples from… ahem… some dudes we understand.

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